Doing My Best Fashion Blogger Impression.


I had anxiety posting this, ya know why? Cos these pictures weren't taken on a DSLR. I thought my followers and friends would disown me cos I wasn't one of those fashion bloggers who seem to have their shit together. How stupid is that? I mean it's hard to ignore how far blogging has come and recently, I've been feeling left behind and a bit of a fraud.

Everything is glossier and more editorial which is great but what happens to the average joes of the blogging word? I can't be like those other fashion bloggers, I don't look like them and I've learnt the hard way that it's just not me. All I see these days scrolling through my numerous feeds are a mix of tasteless ads and robotic dialogue but yet this kind of content seems to be the most successful. Well appears to be the most successful, I really can't tell these days with bought followers and spammy comments. 

The bloggers I love are those I can see myself being friends with, the ones who I believe are my next door neighbours. Those bloggers who show all sides of their life. I want to see your cellulite and double chins and I really want to see your latest ASOS bargain. This to me is relatable and content I want to see, heck even create. Everything seems so unobtainable now with the photoshopped birds in the background of every picture on Instagram and the excessively face-tuned limbs that makes my eyes roll so far back into my head. It's not 'aspirational', it's fake, depressing and it bores me to death.





Blazer |  T-shirt | Jeans | Necklace | Bag | Shoes

So here's a couple of major awk pictures of me taken by my boyfriend (with great force) on his iPhone. Bringing back authenticity, one bad iPhone shot at a time. I want to document my outfits and what I buy more often but I'm too scared to post because I don't think it's good enough. But it's real, it's me and I think it's way better than the fake shit that's out there. 

Yes I am standing in a mouldy side street, yes I am balancing on cobble stones and yes I am trying my best at flinging my hair like a Tresemme advert. Also yes I am THAT short. I'm just trying to do my best blogger impression. But seriously we were going out for dinner and I wanted a picture of my outfit cos I thought it was cute so this side street just had to do, ugly drainpipe and all. One last thing, my t-shirt was only £4.99 and I got it in three different colours.