Being Blonde.


who knew being blonde was the one of the hardest tasks in the world? Ok, major first world problems. But it's true! Dry, damaged hair that takes ages to brush and that gets brassy? No thank you. But one product that I have been using for years is purple shampoo. Especially the Provoke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo, it's £2 from Boots and it was perfect for 16-year-old me. Little did I know, it would be staple product in my bathroom. Goodbye brassy, ginger tones and hello fresh, blonde when I was asked to try more from their range, I was like 'er yeah!' It was a no-brainer and it's probably one of the best parts of being a blogger, working with brands you know and love. So they sent me the Provoke Touch of Silver Pre-Toning Primerand the Intensive Conditioner* to complete what I already had! and I was invited to be part of their one-wash challenge. I already knew the miraculous results of the shampoo could do so I was pretty excited to try it all together! Now purple shampoo is pretty daunting, because let's be honest, it's bright bloody purple. But with just after one wash, my hair was fresher and brighter and more importantly, those brassy tones were at bay.

whilst the conditioner alone won't tone your hair, it is a really lovely conditioner. My hair especially after bleaching feels rough and brittle, this smoothed my hair out instantly making it look shiny and healthy. I didn't even need to apply a hair mask after it! If you're lazy like me, this is a winner. It's designed specifically for dry, damaged and coloured hair and it works, really works.

the Pre-Toning primer is a dream, it smells amazing and you can use it in a number of ways. It basically preps your hair to be toned to make sure you have a natural and even result. You can use it before you shower or after the shower like as leave-in-conditioner - I use it as both! It's really hydrating and makes it much easier to get a brush through. It also boosts your toning results, so if your hair is really brassy and needs a bit more help, I'd recommend using this before you shampoo. If not, it makes for a lovely leave-in-conditioner.

all together these products are an amazing brass-kicking team! I use these products once a week in my hair care routine and I'm loving the results. Fresh blonde hair all down to affordable products, what more could you ask for?