Fluffy Eyebrows.


A trend that I've been really getting into recently and quite enjoying! Some days, especially no-make-up-make-up-days I feel the urge to have a crazy brow. Well, fluffy brows are a bit out there for me anyway. I thought I'd give you a little update on my brows, how I do it and what products I'm using cos it's been a while. I think gone are the days of the perfectly shaped, super filled in brow and the untamed, hairy ones are in. To get super hairy and fluffy looking brows, it's quite simple. I've been enjoying using an eyebrow pencil these days, something that's new to me as I'm normally an avid powder user. But that all changed now I've been using the Graphic Brow Pencilsfrom Zoeva, I like the shade Cincerous* as it's quite ashy in colour and a nice medium brown to match my natural eyebrow colour. I love these pencils, they're really waxy and easy to use. I love the spooly on the otherside which is really handy as I like to brush through my brows as I apply the pencil. I do feel like I have to be careful though as if you make a mistake, it's difficult to just rub off due to it's smudge-proof formula but if you work quick, you can wipe it away before it sets. To start my brows, I get the spooly end and comb all my brows upward and for some extra volume I back comb them! I then get my pencil and just do light, gentle 'flicks' to fill in any sparse areas; this mimicks the hair and makes it look like there's hair when there's actually not. I like to fill in the very front of my brow with powder, for that 'ombre' gradual effect, I think it just looks more natural this way. Powder to me is pretty fool-proof, if you make a mistake, wipe it away and it's an easier way to achieve a more natural looking brow. If I go in to heavy handed or get carried away with the pencil things can look a little 'drawn on' for my liking. For this I use the Zoeva Spectrum Brow Palette* this has 9 highly pigmented and super blendable shades to suit everyone, it even has two little brow bone highlights perfect for on the go or travelling. I like to make my own custom blend and mix a few of the lighter brown shades together to just very lightly, fill in the very front. I make a line underneath my brow for added definition and swipe upwards.



To set and keep all the hairs that I've stroked upwards into place, I use the Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix in Ammos*. I find using a brow gel helps to define all the hairs, making your brows look hairy and full. The wand on this is quite large so you can cover pretty much your whole eyebrow at once, this can make filling in quite difficult. I like to angle the brush so only the tip is actually coating my brows, this way I can make the application as precise as possible and make sure every hair is coated. I like the Ammos shade, it's the lightest in the collection and it gives a lovely tint to my eyebrows make them look visibly thicker, it's a great product to use alone as well.

Now my brow hairs aren't super long but this is as fluffy as I can make mine, not quite Cara standards I know but it's fun to experiment.