Shoot With Me: The Frost.

As my last photography post went down a treat, I thought I'd show you some more! I made another little series from my trip to Richmond Park, this time I managed to capture some frost hence the different titles. I recieved a little kickback at Uni this week, so my confidence is a little knocked but I wanted to show you regardless. I'll probably being talking to you about that sometime soon anyway. So here goes nothing! I hope you enjoy.

I left my bed at about 5am to de-ice my little car and fling myself down the M25 to be at Richmond for when it opened. I managed to get there at 7:15am and the sun was just coming up, so it was perfect timing! I jumped out of my car with my camera and I was off.

This is my first couple of shots I took as you can probably tell by how the sun is still low! I spent some good time with this deer and he was too interested in eating than to look up at me. Hence, why his head his down in these. These aren't my best shots but I wanted to share nonetheless as my mum likes these - only if the deer looked at me!


After moving around, I found these two! I was so happy to capture a rut, it was one of my goals for this project so I'm really happy I got to witness it. The sun was almost up in these shots, I love the colour and the how the light looks.