2017: The Year of Not Giving A F*** and Saying No.

I have been converted into a non-fuck-giver thanks to Sarah Knight and her book The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck. Just buy this book and thank me later - no seriously, shoutout to my siblings who got me this for Christmas! I've decided to not give a fuck about anything that doesn't bring me a certain level of happiness, I'm going to be a #NotSorry kinda gal and you know what? I'm going to start saying 'no'. In light of this, I'm not going to make any New Years Resolutions either, want to know why? Cos I don't give a fuck.

Well the real reason I don't want to make any New Years Resolutions is because I make them, I don't fulfil them and I'm left disappointed and feeling unresolved. All this 'New Year, New Me' palava does my absolute nut in, it's unrealistic and unless you stick to it, you'll feel just as shit as I do. Let's face it, you're lovely just the way you are and you don't need to change just because a new year is kicking in and all the magazines are telling you to get your gym membership sorted out. So I'm going to eliminate that from my life and simply, not give a fuck about it. Don't get me wrong, setting goals and aspirations is important! It can motivate you and give you something to aim for. But I have my own kind of goals, number one is: don't give a fuck about what other people think and two: say no to things you don't really give a fuck about. 

Sounds simply put right? I'm not implying that I'm going to be an absolute dick in 2017 but I'm going to be a little selfish and put myself forward, for a change. Feel free to join me. No more fake ass relationships - I'm starting with a Facebook unfriending session. No more caring about if I've been to the gym this week or not. No more comparing myself to others - well this one I'm going to try real hard at. No more caring about that bloody bikini body. No more caring about having to attend my boyfriend's football matches on a weekend - soz mate and no more caring about other people's approval of me. I am, however, going to care about friends, family, my dog, my boyfriend and where I'm going on holiday next.

I'm loving this new liberating life and I'm looking forward to implenting it into 2017! Here's to the year of not giving a fuck (and not being a dick at the same time).