Shoot With Me: Jem + Bea x John Lewis.


Well something quite exciting happened to me recently and I wanted to share, for all you budding photographers out there, how I got from ~that~ email to the final product ending up in John Lewis on a poster and on their website. I've got a new feature on my blog called 'shoot with me', this is where I'm going to share with you the entire process of a shoot from start to finish. I think it's gonna be a regular so make sure to keep checking back. 

I also wanted to say that photography is an art form which is completely subjective, for every one person that likes your work there will be 10 that'll think it's utter poop - sorry but it's true. I'm not saying what I do is right, everyone has a different way of working and a different process, again nothing is right or wrong. If it works for you, it works for you. I'm just hoping what I do will help you find out what works for you. Corh that was a hard paragraph to swallow, wasn't it? Moving on... 



If you haven't heard of them, Jem + Bea are a multi-award winning luxury accessories brand founded by two lovely ladies, Dominique & Rebecca. For their latest collab with John Lewis, Pascale aka Style Mum and I jumped on board to help out. The date was set and one Sunday morning we met in The Pantiles, luckily it was mid-September so the weather was still mild and we had lots of light to use. We had two different outfits, two different bags to shoot and five different backgrounds on the list. No specific locations were set, so we just strolled around and shot as we went. I didn't bring anything other than two different lenses (one portrait, one wider), my camera and myself.   



I took a whole variety of shots, some were posed sitting down and others standing up, as I said before we wanted to hit 5 different locations so there was plenty of choice. It's very helpful when the client is with you, as you can show them the images as you shoot and hear the feedback there and then. If the client can't make it to the shoot, I'd say take more than you need to and mix it up as much as you can. Not everyone has the budget to re-shoot, so you want to make sure you're getting it right. As it was a weekend day, waiting for people to move out of the way can be time-consuming so each shot only has a small-window so there's pressure for your focus to be on point and your settings to be correct. 


So you've had a long day of fun and you're knackered, what next? Well, now it's get in my pjs and retouch time! I am much quicker at shooting than I am at editing but it all comes with time and practice. Retouching has been a labour of love, something I've always struggled with but I feel like I'm getting somewhere with it now (if I do say so myself). Now I like to shoot clean, right from the get-go. But not everything can be helped like crap in the street, a stray hair on one of the bags or a mark you accidentally didn't wipe off. It can all be changed. The bags are the most important part here so I gotta make sure they look nice and lovely. 


This was a pretty exciting one for me! I have a pretty standard 'post' process, would you like a separate post dedicated to this? Let me know ya'll.