My 21st Birthday in Squares.

That feels so strange and really alien to say but yes, I am 21 years of age. I celebrated my birthday for the whole of last week! I went to Sketch and hosted my birthday party on Friday night. So this week I'm pretty busy catching up on work, emails and Christmas shopping as I didn't get anything done last week. I mean nothing. But you're only 21 once! I thought I'd show you a couple of pictures from my day and what I think about being the big '2-1' so far.

So my boyfriend succumbed to all the hints and surprised me with an afternoon tea at Sketch! I have been wanting to go for so, so, so, so long so I was absolutely beside myself when he told me that we'd be travelling up to London to go! Serious brownie points right there. You pay a set price, get a pot of tea and the whole selection of cakes and sandwhiches, then the fun bit, you can order unlimited food and drink. Sure, you only get your table for 2 hours but I'm so glad I wore a skirt with an elastic waist! I ended up knocking back four whole pots of tea, we were so full afterwards. If you haven't been, book it now and just go. You get to pee in egg pods - what's better than that?

Being 21 is bluddy wierd. I am an adult. I can drink in the States and supervise a learner drive. I don't think I've 'realised' or 'learnt' a lot this past year from turning 20 to now 21. I was kind of expecting to wake up on the morning of my birthday suddently enlightened by being an adult and having everything just fall into place. Nope, I still am just stumbling through my last year of Uni, turning up to work and just blogging when I can. Well here's to the beginning of my 20s and for continuing to ignore the fact that I'm officially an adult forever!


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