Holding Onto Rome.

I've been studying Photography for a few years now and whilst being on a Digitally lead course, there's nothing better than a polaroid, just the instant thrill of printing off your pictures and displaying them. Whilst I've always struggled to master the knack of film cameras, wasting tonnes of rolls of film in the process, I've stuck to 'faking' it. Cheerz offers a lovely opportunity, to be able to print off your pictures in the Polaroid style, allowing you to add text and even a filter to make it look like the real thing!

I apologise in advance because this post is long over due, I went to Rome about 3 months ago now and I've had these gorgeous polaroids just lying around my room. As you may have been able to tell from my Instagram, I took a whole bunch of photos on my trip and when Cheerz got in touch with me about their new Polaroid 3000product, I jumped at the chance! So, I got 18 of my favourite snaps from our trip printed off and I forgot, simply, just how lovely it is to hold physical memories in your hand. I'm really impressed with the quality of the images, I can't wait to display these! My plan is to arrange them in hanging frame around my room which will hopefully look really lovely.