Hurghada In Squares.

I'm back! Sadly I have returned from my holiday and I'm back home! My boyfriend and I traveled to Egypt for a week, this is our second time back in a row (see Luxor) but this time we decided to experience the beautiful Hurghada. In this post, I'm going to share pictures of our holiday from my iPhone some you may have seen already on Social Media and some you haven't! Including our hotel and the outfits I wore when I was out there. This is gonna be a pretty long post - Enjoy!

Not only is it a beautiful country but also Egypt offers extremely hot temperatures and guaranteed weather as there's never a cloud in the sky which is what we love! Hurghada is right on the red sea, so there's plenty of opportunities to snorkel, dive and swim amongst the coral and see the fishies.

We had a pretty laid back, super chilled holiday, we didn't really get up to much! Which was super nice for a change. We laid by the pool, swam in the sea and just relaxed.

I love buying holiday clothes that are super simple, go with a lot of different things but still look fab. I have a few high waisted bikinis which is what I normally wear, I think these flatter my body the most. Especially as I have a slightly bigger bust than the norm, I really struggle finding bikinis that actually fit and give me the support I need. Most of my beach wear and bikinis are from Next and ASOS as they do fab DD-G ranges and I really recommend those! Everything I wore is all tagged on my Instagram.

The beach was absolutely gorgeous! The water was so clear and warm, I miss it already. There's lots of coral and plenty of colourful fish to see, so if you like snorkelling, you'll love Hurghada. The sand was really soft and we loved taking long walks along it.

I'm going to make another post like this in the upcoming future with all my pictures from my camera and Go-Pro. It'll be a lot more detailed post about where I stayed, the hotel and what we ate! I hope you liked this little Instagram round-up of all my pictures! Posts will resume back to normal next week and I can't wait to get back into blogging, it's been a nice break but I'm ready to get stuck back in!

TravelMollie Manning