What I Got Up To In Cuba.

I'm back! If you didn't know already I went to Cuba for 2 weeks. WiFi was close to impossible to access so I haven't really been very active but have no fear I'm back and I am now busy catching up with you all!

If you follow me on Instagram or if you don't, you can see some of my holiday pictures from the links below I also want to share with you the ones I took on my camera. Cuba is a beautiful, beautiful country I was so lucky to have visited there with some special people, I am so sad to have left! I am glad to be home to blogging and my bed, but I am missing the sun rather a lot.

I was also extremely lucky to have done some of the amazing things I did, like swim with the dolphins. I met little Doris who is 9 years old and she was very cheeky. What I loved most about the Aquarium is that their barriers weren't high at all allowing the dolphins to come and go whenever they wanted but apparently when they go they always return, you can see that they really love it there.

Apart from Doris the dolphin I met a little alligator, a few lizards and some crabs! As Cuba is famous for their old American cars, it was just rude not to hire one! We got a purple and an orange Chevrolet which were from around 1948-50. The taxi man drove us to Guardalavaca where we visited the little town, saw the markets and the stunning beach there. It was the funnest 2 weeks of my life and I'm so happy to have gone.