What's Next: 7 Places I'm Desperate To Visit.


Booking holidays, catching flights and that first step off the airplane, is always such an exciting and special experience to me. Getting to witness new cities and new cultures is something I will always prioritise. My boyfriend, Brandon and I have been exploring the world together for almost 6 years now. We've been together since I was 16 years old and since then we have caught over 20 flights, taken thousands of photos, captured hours of footage and I now have a room scattered in polaroid pictures from our times away together. 

Last year, I managed to travel to 4 different countries. I sat on my arse for a week (or two), ate new food and got a pretty good tan. It's safe to say, I've caught the wanderlust bug. 


On Sunday we are off to Budapest!! Get ready for some Buda-related content over here and on my Instagram (make sure you're following me). So with that almost ticked off my travel wish list, here's 7 more locations that I'm desperate to visit.



I have wanted to visit Morocco for oh so long! Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez; it's calling my name. I want to get lost in the souks, ride on a camel, relax in a Hammam and experience a culture I'm not accustomed to. We've been looking into these gorgeous Villas in Morocco which look like the best way to experience it. I'd love to stay in the heart of the Medina and experience the bustling city from the peacefulness of our own villa (midnight swims are my favourite). The flight from London is just under 4 hours which is music to my ears, sounds like the perfect getaway. 



A city that I'd love to experience particularly at Christmas time is Berlin. We've all heard of their markets and the Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market is up there on my must-do list. It's always been a dream of mine to be all wrapped up, hot chocolate in my hand, just strolling around taking in the pretty lights and festivities. Apart from the Christmas markets, the East Side Art Gallery and the Reichstag are just a few of the places I don't want to miss. I have a huge love for History, it's something I've always appreciated and I'd love to finally see with my own eyes, the places I spent three + years studying about. 



Although I've already been to New York - something like 5 years ago to be exact. I went with my family and I remember it being so cold that I didn't even see Central Park, I ran straight into Bloomingdale's just for its promise of warmth. I'd love to go in the Spring/Summer time and do it all over again but this time; see Brooklyn, have a picnic in Central Park and take my boyfriend along with me (soz mum and dad). We found cheap flights for November so watch this space. 



One of my friends visited here last year, I looked through her photos and decided that I MUST GO. I absolutely love Spain because it's easy to get to, warm and feels like home. I am so ready to eat all the tapas, walk along the cobbled streets and of course, visit the Alcazar Palace (this last section may seem a bit GoT themed, it wasn't intentional. But I won't lie, accidentally running into Jon Snow would make me a happy gal). I've already ticked off Ibiza and Barcelona, so Seville makes so much sense to be next. 



I've never been to Poland and I've spoken about going to Krakow for some time now, not only for its cheap prices! Apparently, it's the prettiest of Poland's main cities so that's enough to make me wanna go. The Old Town and Kazimierz's streets in the Jewish District is where I'll be spending my time. According to TripAdvisor, they're crammed with exciting galleries, cafes, pubs and restaurants. See you later, thank you very much. Something I can't ignore is my want to visit Auschwitz. I've been advised it makes 'for a sobering but worthwhile visit', I'd recommend reading the lovely Emma's blog post on Visiting Auschwitz



I did warn you about the Game of Thrones theme, so next is Dubrovnik. I've never been to Croatia and Dubrovnik seems like that perfect mix of 'laying around the pool' and 'getting shit done' kinda holiday which I AM SO FOR. The flight over from London is just under 3 hours so there's no jet lag to get worried about. The Old Town aka King's Landing sounds like my kind of jam, I love the thought of taking a cable car up the mountain and seeing the bright orange city below. My camera is already twitching. 


7. Dubai

It's always been my dream to stay in The Atlantis (pfffft yeah I know, big dreams), gaze up at the skyscrapers, hear my boyfriend drone on about the fast cars and experience some good 'ole desert heat. It's the kinda place I always imagined 'stopping off' for if I ever wanted to push the boat out and go long-haul. It's a 5-hour flight which breaks up that 13-hour flight to Sri Lanka - for example, oops that might be another destination on ma big list. Dubai is where I'll need a fab pool, comfy sun bed and not do too much else which is fine by me. I'd also love to visit Abu Dhabi, it's only two hours away from Dubai and also just because the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is on my list. 

So I think we got to the number 9 in the end? But who's counting? If any of you have already been to these amazing places, please leave me your tips and recommendations below! 

Where do you wanna go next?


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