The Best Practices To Grow Your Instagram.

I've been on the Instagram hype since the app first came out, for a visual person like moi who does a very visual job it's the perfect place for me. I'm sure you're no stranger to Instagram. We all love the free marketing and it's ability to let us as creatives, business owners to meet and more importantly attract potential clients/customers to whatever we happen to be offering, right? But it's still the app we all love to hate. It's becoming harder to be heard and to grow a following on Instagram but it isn't impossible. I have been building up my audience, slowly, slowly to the humble number of 4+k. Although my audience isn't the biggest, I do have good engagement especially from Instagram stories. Instagram is my biggest referral site and it's where I get the most business, that being said I have a few nuggets of information that have worked for me and fingers crossed they work for you - also I'm still building my audience so it doesn't stop here! 

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Being Consistent

Audiences want you to be consistent but not predictable. They want to know they're coming to you for a particular thing, whether it's your style or funny captions or the fact that your products are aesthetically pleasing. You can be consistent from having a certain colour palette or by posting maybe a quote on a Monday and a picture of your workspace every Thursday. Get a business account on Instagram and check your analytics. Once you get going, you'll find a rhythm and you'll be more clear on what works and what doesn't. 

Posting At Similar Times

This comes under consistency but I feel it deserves its own point because this one is important. Audiences want to know when they can expect things from you, so if you post at similar times, they'll start to look out for you on their feeds. So if posting every Wednesday at 12pm works for you or if posting every day at 8am works for you, then run with it. 

Make Captions Valuable

Gone are the days where you could just post some emojis, no, no, no. Audiences love a caption that is well thought out, it can be a long caption or just a sentence or two but it needs to catch their eye. Captions are a chance to really show off your personality and give you the chance to connect with your audience to tell your story so make each one count. Captions are just as important as the pictures you post so don't ignore this step. 


No, you can't just use #photographer or #blogger and expect your Instagram to be booming, you need to do a bit of research. You're allowed to use up to 30 hashtags on one Instagram post, so make sure you're using the right ones. There's plenty of community hashtags on Instagram, for example the: #chattycaptioncommunity. Community hashtags allow people to connect with eachother so make sure you're giving back to the community by liking and commenting from others on the same hashtag to see the return to you. The way hashtags operate is more sophisticated than ever! If they think you're being spammy or not using relevant hashtags to what you're posting, your post simply won't show in the hashtag and we don't want that. 

Good Quality Images

This is crucial! If your photography game isn't as good as you'd like it to be, find someone who can help (hello!). I think investing in a photographer is one of the best things you can do for your business and it'll help you create content for Instagram too. Not every Insta pic needs to be super polished or taken on a DSLR, I love a good iPhone pic as much as the next. You just need to be extra critical about what pictures you chose to upload. You can plan your grid on free Apps such as UNUM, where you can upload any picture from your Camera Roll and see what it'd look like if you actually uploaded it. It's a fab way to plan what you're going to post but don't get too caught up in what your grid looks like! 

And breathe! Was that helpful?

You might be wondering what do puppies have to do with Audiences and Instagram? Well I uploaded this picture onto my Instagram feed a few weeeks ago and it's still my most liked image ever. So it only felt right to be here and who doesn't love a puppy? 🐶