The Abyss of Adulthood.


I only left University some four months ago and it only dawned on me that this is it, I'm not going back. Everyone's gone back to school or started another term at University and I'm sat here tapping my toe like 'soooo' and that's when the big black void of nothingness took over.

what am I gonna do with the rest of my life?

So it's about time I sorted some shit out right? What am I gonna do? Well I'll tell ya.

Just completing my degree in Digital Photography, it sounds like a pretty clear path of what I'm gonna do after, correct? Well it wasn't to me, not for sometime. My University completely turned me off the idea of doing photography, I'm sure you've read all about my misguided ramblings in the past here. It's no secret. I fell out of love with something I love to do. It happens whatever, I got over it. 

It wasn't until I left University and got a two-week internship that I fell back into Photography and hey! I landed a pretty cool freelancing position working with the magazines at The Daily Mail - which I love.

But it's not enough. So this is where my journey begins... Right now, I'm juggling a cushty part-time job I've had since the second year of University, occassionally freelancing in London and beginning what is hopefully going to be my own business. This is where you lovely people come in. 





Jumper | Jeans | Boots | Bag
(Bag is from Primark so linked similar)

If you're a blogger or a small business owner and want to work with a photographer, look no further! Yup you've guessed it, I'm going to give this freelancing business a good 'ole go. 

Creating imagery and content is something I am extremely passionate about and now I get to help you guys! I love my blog and my social media as much as the next gal and I'll tell ya, it's so worth investing in it. I mean boyfriends/husbands do a fab job but wouldn't it be lovely to work with someone who doesn't moan? Who gets the shot just right every time? 

I'd love to help you visualise your content and help you take your blog/business/website/instagram to the next level. I'm experienced in all things portrait, fashion and still-life. Check out my portfolio and please don't hesitate to DM or email me for more info.