Rose Gold Obsessed.

Yeah so I'm obsessed with Rose Gold and as you're here, reading this right now, I'm gonna say you probably are too. I thought I'd discuss my favourite rose gold beauty bits and accessories as I am pretty mad for it. Hearing me say 'does it come in rose gold?' when shopping is not new because let's be honest, everything should just come automatically in rose gold.

Let's be a little crazy and begin with some non-beauty bits, what a shocker. For Christmas, I received the Ted Baker Leather Matinee Purse, in rose gold. IN ROSE GOLD. It's the most amazing purse I have ever owned, it is quite huge but you can cram so much in it! Next up is my baby, the one thing I'd sadly be super lost iPhone 6s in rose gold. I wonder how many more times I can keep saying rose gold, we'll see. I'm also a bit Frenchie mad so I got given an adorable case from Casetify, what I love is that it's clear so you can see the colour through it. High fives all round.

Moving onto beauty, the only blush for me is Sleek's blush in Rose Gold. I absolutely love Sleek and their blushes, they're really pigmented and such good quality. Next up is a product from MAC (surprise, surprise) and it's one of their Paint Pots in Rubenesque, a warm shimmery rose gold base. If you haven't already got yourself one of MAC's Paint Pots, get one! They are sooo creamy and make for the best eye bases as whatever you place over the top, does not budge for hours. But Rubenesque is beautiful so you could just wear it alone, swept across all over the lids for a hint of rose gold shimmer. Now for some shades which lean a little more on the coppery side of things but oh well, two beauties from Makeup Geek in Flame Thrower and Goddess. Recently in my Starting My Makeup Geek Palette post, I showed swatches and went into a lot more detail but these hands down are the best eyeshadows I've ever owned and guess what? They're only £4.95 each. To finish up my little rose gold edit, are the most beautiful brushes I have ever seen. The Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set and the Zoeva Rose Golden Eye Brush Set Vol 2. Not only do they look pretty fabulous on my dressing table but these are the best brushes I have ever used. They're super soft, they don't shed, they're easy to clean and they just get the job done. What else is fab is that they don't cost an arm or an leg either, they are really inexpensive costing just £5.50 for each brush in the set. You'd be absolutely crazy to turn your nose up at these.

I have never done a colour themed post before and you know what, it was pretty fun! What are your favourite rose gold accessories? I bet you hate the word 'rose gold' now - oops said it again.