Upping My Hair Game.

As of late, I have been trying so hard to up my hair game! I'm incredibly lazy with my hair, there the secret is out, I'm not exaggerating. If you see me with brushed hair, you, my friend must be special. But being unnaturally blonde is a full-time job, I know you feel my pain! Especially now, my hair is the longest it's been since primary school so I've been needing to take a few extra steps to make sure it stays healthy and happy.

I had the pleasure of trying some haircare products from Ogario London! A brand I had never heard of before but after some research, I was really interested to give them a try. What really attracted me was the unique blends of essentials oils and plant extracts they feature in their products - for example, Avacado and Marshmallow. It sounds completely random but these are some amazing ingredients for your hair which you don't see a lot of on the market. What's also great is how all the products are completely natural and aren't tested on animals.

So now onto the products themselves, you may have seen me try the Ogario Restore & Shine Hair Masquefor the first time over on my snapchat (molliermanning) where I gave a little demo and my general first impressions. It's aim is to repair dry and damaged hair to make it more manageable, stronger and shiny! As bleach is not my hair's bestfriend (well who's bestfriend is it really?) this masque has been an amazing treat at repairing my long tresses so I don't have to get a trim so often meaning my hair has managed to grow down past my boobs! After I wash my hair, I give it a quick towel dry and slap a good amount of this onto my ends. I really work it all in and spent a minute or so just massaging it in. I like to leave it in for 10 minutes as recommended then I just rinse it off! Easy, peasy. Instantly my hair is so soft and silky. It doesn't weigh my hair down, as I have quite flat hair so volume is everything and this doesn't affect that.

As part of my routine, I have been washing my hair with the Ogario Hydrate & Shine Shampoo* with Honey and Moringa Seed. The Hydrate & Shine range targets dry and colour-treated hair, perfect for my little situation. I noticed since using this that it doesn't lather up a whole lot which is fab so it doesn't strip your scalp and hair of all its natural oils. I have loved using this on my hair recently, it makes my hair feel so nourished and soft. This literally comes out golden brown like honey with the bits of seed in it as well! It's the strangest thing. It smells lovely too, really natural and sweet.

Using these two has really helped me get my hair back on track! Have you tried Ogario before? Their products are available on their website and also in Fenwicks, if you're interested in picking up some bits for yourself.