Introducing Mollie Monthly.

Aloha! It's been a while since I've just sat my bum down and typed on here with no real agena. I'm liking this more relaxed, chatty setting. Anyway, you might have already noticed but I've stepped away from the usual material that appears in this blog of mine. Those of you who have been reading from the beginning will know I've transitioned from my beauty ramblings to me now featuring a lot more of the business/photography side of things. I just want to address the upcoming changes and what I feel is going to happen next in this little space of mine. Also there's a chance to recieve even more content from me, if you're not fed up already. 


Change is inevitable. Our blogs are our lives and our content reflects that. If you've just given birth, your content will automatically shift because you'll be writing as a mother and drawing on your new experiences. I feel like that on some level. Now that I'm a freelancer, now that I have a business, my content is changing. I still want to chat beauty, about fashion, about life because those are things I still enjoy chatting about. But I'm conscious as to why people are coming to my website now, it's not only to read my blog but it's to see my portfolio and my photography. So I feel like my content needs to adhere to that. So I've added two new categories; 'for creatives' and 'for photographers', where hopefully if you are one of the two you'll be able to find resources and content from me that'll be aimed right at you. I want to help like-minded creatives, business-owners, girls - whatever that means in whatever way I can. Likewise if you are here just to see my travel or beauty content, those categories are all there for you. 

Now what the heck is Mollie Monthly? Well I read somewhere that having a newsletter is pretty important and I've come up for a really cute name so I can't back down now. When everyone started having newsletters, I never thought I needed one or that it was even for me. But it would be quite nice to reach all of you in one place with a monthly newsletter where I can share exclusive content, my latest offers (yes sometimes I have discounts on my photography services) and ya know it's just another excuse to share nice stuff I find on the internet. So if that sounds like ya bag then you can sign up below and because I wanna be GDPR compliant, I will be setting up a policy page where you can read all about how I'll be using and storing your personal information. Me and Mailchimp have a tricky relationship but if you guys want a newsletter, I'll make it for ya. 

I feel like I've finally found my place in this ever-changing blogosphere. If there's anything you'd like to see on here or if you have any questions you'd like me to answer, my DMs and my emails are always open. 

📸 thank you Sarah