My 2018 Goals.


Happy New Year! We are officially 3 days into 2018 and today is the day I go back to work. Since I last posted here I've graduated and quit my job in retail. I know, so much has happened! I graduated with a 2.1 in Digital Photography and I'm now pursuing my dream as a freelance photographer, working completely for myself, from home. I am shitting it. I feel like 2017 can get a big tick - even though on a personal level it was a massive shit one, career-wise it's been the best year for me.

It's January and with Storm Eleanor raging outside, I still feel hugely stuck in the 'Christmas Limbo' phase. I need a kick up the arse and hopefully laying out my goals will do just that and hopefully I'll inspire you too.  




1. Pick up blogging again. 

2. Listen to more podcasts! Recommendations, please!

3. Push myself with my photography, try things that aren't in my comfort zone (film photography I am looking at you).

4. Save up and begin looking at moving out. 

5. Do more staycations. 

6. Be better at Instagram! Posting more frequently would be a fab start.

7. Have an established routine and squeeze in time for exercise (or maybe just ocassionally).

8. Make more ethical choices when it comes to food and clothing. 

9. Learn how to digitally switch off more often. 

10. Complete my first year of being freelance without killing anyone!


I don't like the word 'resolutions' so I've named them 'goals' instead or things I'd like to happen. Just a couple of to-do's that'd be fab to complete. Nothing too pressurising or daunting. I've got about 10 notebooks on the go and I received a 2018 wall calendar and a pocket 2018 diary for Christmas, so there is no excuse not to be organised and hopefully I can tick these bad boys off. Watch this space. 

Have you created any goals for 2018? Let's hear 'em.