Because Who Wants To Wash Their Hair?


And the answer to that question is: NO ONE. Dry shampoo is a heavenly god-send - can't be arsed to wash your hair? It's all good cos dry shampoo has ya back. I've been an avid Batiste user these past few years but I got my hands on a little sample of this heavenly stuff (thank you Birchbox) and I am a convert. Dare I say it, I think it's better than Batiste?  

Klorane has created an award-winning formulation (I don't need to say anymore) and I'm it's biggest fan. It smells subtly good and doesn't have that 'wow now my hair is grey and extremely talcy' side-effect. I'd recommend to shake it well and tip your hair upside, for maximum volume potential. It's made up of oatmilk extract, corn and rice starch. Oil is eliminated and my hair is left fresh and voluminous. 



Just incase you need any more persuading... One of my 2018 Goals was to make more ethical choices when it comes to food and clothing. What I mean by 'ethical' is just being more aware about the things that I use and buy and what effects they have on the environment and the world around me.

What I like about Klorane is that they use natural, active ingredients in their products. The oat milk, they use in this dry shampoo product (for example) is; "cultivated whilst respecting organic farming standards in the south-west of France". That sounds good enough to me. Klorane is an environmentally-friendly brand, all of their packaging is made up out of already recycled materials and can be recycled again! So I know where I'll be spending my money from now on.