The Italian Series: Sorrento.

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I'm writing this for the confines of my bedroom, wrapped up under my duvet because it's bloody cold. It's 16 degrees according to the weather app on my iPhone, take what you will from that because we all know that app is useless. SO let's cry together as we scroll through these colourful, warm images! You go first, I can't bear it. 




Well brownie points if you read my catch-up post because you guys already know where we stayed! To refresh your memories, we stayed at the Grand Hotel Vesuvius. We upgraded to have a sea-view and had a gorgeous room filled with blue and white tile flooring, see my picture below, dreamy!  We sat high on the cliff-tops and had a 15-minute drive down to the main town of Sorrento which we did frequently. Partly to slip into the supermarkets and grab chocolate biscuits AND of course, the main reason we went, to explore Sorrento. 




Ah Sorrento, thank you for being perfectly-positioned for those dreamy views from the Bay of Naples and for being a fab base for exploring the rest of the Amalfi Coast. If you came here for the beach, go home. But if being atop cliffs and stairs are your thang, you've come to the right place. 

The main town of Sorrento is full of small, narrow streets with bustling markets selling everything from penis shaped ornaments to Sorrento beach bags. There's always a lemon slushie stand on hand (priorities). Make sure to go along the Piazza Tasso where all the main restaurants are, sit outside and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the main square. Everybody is super chill and owns a very small dog, it's a lovely place to be - especially at night where you can literally walk in the middle of the streets. Spot street perfomers and men selling selfie-sticks. 


Walk down to the Grand Marina for unspoilt views of the whole bay and Mt Vesuvius! You can get a lift down if you want for a couple of EUR, if not, stick with the urine stained tunnels and steep slopes. The walk took us around 15 minutes and at the bottom, you can see the port, do a little shopping and even grab a bite to eat. You can also book your boat trips from here, if you're planning on visiting Capri or Positano or Ravello etc. etc. 


Where to eat? Well I thought you'd never ask. There is a pretty simple answer: O'Parrucchiano. The restaurant that invented cannellioni and let me tell ya, it was delsih. You can sit under lemon trees covered in fairy lights and candles. It's very romantic and beautiful. Make sure you book to avoid disappointment. Definitely worth a visit. 

I hope you liked the first edition of my Italian Series, awks if you didn't because there are two more to come!

Part 2 - Pompeii.

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