I'm Going To Be Kinder To Myself This January.

Yaaaaaaas isn't January just fab? Your podgy, broke and summer still feels like an eternity away. The endless cycle of grey skies and pouring rain is really quite depressing. If you're anything like me - that often leads to creative funks. I feel heavily uninspired and there's days where I just can't be arsed to get out of bed because it's so damn dark outside.


Both of my jobs as a blogger and a photographer are heavily reliant on me being creative and coming up with unique ideas. So January is such a struggle. But this time around I've done something a little different, I decided to make January the month of self-care. Do that hair mask, binge watch Friends (thank you Netflix), slap yaself with some fake tan. Gurl you deserve it. After the hectic Christmas/New Year period, I think it's important to just reconnect with yourself and shave your legs. 


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I'm placing less pressure on myself to be 'creative' and constantly be shooting up ideas. My mood can be particularly low this time of year, so I'm just gonna go with the flow. If I suddenly decide to go on a run or I'm still in the same PJs for a week, I'm gonna let it be. Be kinder to yourself, you can always start slayin' again in February. 

To lift my mood, I find it helps to have something to look forward to. The sparkly lights and Christmas buzz is all packed up and the next thing we can look forward to -  is it Easter? Well, that's ages away. We booked to go to Budapest in February and that has lifted my mood enormously. It's giving me something to focus on, something to plan and something ultimately to get excited about! For you, if that's meeting up with a gal pal you haven't seen since the Christmas party or coming home at the end of a long day and having that bath, have something to look forward to and to aim for; it's important. 


Today I had a spurt of motivation and here I am, clacking away at this blog post from my sofa. I mean I'm not sure but it's probably because I got my rainbow trackies on! Honestly, I live in these. We're all busy settling back into work and getting back into a routine, just know that it's temporary and these feelings will come to pass.

OR we could just all hibernate til March?!