5 Ways To 'Switch Off' From Your Business.

When your business is something you live and breathe - and most importantly love! It can be incredibly hard to switch off. I know that feeling all too well. My phone is just like another limb. It's a dangerous game because did you know it actually only hinders your creativity and actually makes you less inspired over all?! We should have time to switch off and recharge, easier said than done but here's how you can start nailing that work/life balance. 


1. turn off notifications

Yup, all my notifications are switched off from Instagram to even my emails. Call me crazy but the constant lighting up of my phone screen and binging, does my nut in. So I turned off every single notification. I have to now physically go into each app to check if anything has been happenin' and that suits me. For someone who is the queen of procrastination and can be easily distracted, it just means you can crack on with working in peace. 

2. put your phone down in the evening

Pffffffft I can already hear my boyfriend scoffing - ok this isn't something I haven't nailed YET. But ya know it's a work in progress. It's easy to ignore your significant other, scroll away and just grunt in response to anything they say - guilty! But when you're a one-man-band in your business especially when it comes to the jobs that require your mobile, it's hard to just put it down. I get it but it's nice to put your phone away, watch a programme and have a cuddle on the sofa - who knew this boyfriend of mine is quite nice?! (Obviously, during Love Island there are no phones in sight). 

3. work smarter 

I said it! We don't need to work longer just smarter - how does Beyonce do it all you ask? Well... It means prioritisation and working efficiently. I also find having office hours allows me to plan my time wisely and gives me a point in the day when I can close my laptop lid. It stops me from over-working and procrastinating which is not so smart. If, you want to let your clients or customers know, include it in the signature part of your email or set an auto-response. Then everyone's happy. 

4. scheduling is your friend

Meet Buffer, it can schedule posts to your Facebook, Twitter AND Instagram profiles - also it's free! Meaning during your office hours (see what I did there), you can schedule all your social posts. This does require a bit of planning and organisation but it means you can chill a little bit. I like to post in the evening at around 7pm and I know what it's like when you're rushing trying to ask your dog for ideas to come up with a hilarious, thought-provoking caption and trying to research relevant hashtags all at the same time. OR If scheduling isn't your thang, you can set up your social post and just save it as a draft (a feature FB, Twitter & Insta all have), so when you're ready, all you have to do is press publish. You're welcome.

5. make time for you

An absolute luxury, am I right? But it's important, especially before bed as you need to wind down. I've gone to bed too many times with my brain still buzzing away and having a shitty sleep because of it. Let something else fill your mind so you can stop thinking about work, whether this is exercise or reading a book just get off ya phone. 

Well, I hope that was helpful! Did I miss anything?