How To Nail Your Personal Branding Shoot.

I’m in this month’s On The Doorstep magazine, chatting about how to nail your Personal Branding shoot. If you’ve never been photographed before, if you’ve never planned a photoshoot before or if you’ve had some pictures taken but weren’t 100% happy with them, here are my top tips on getting your portrait shoot just right.

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If you choose to have a Personal Brand, it can be so daunting! But putting a face to your business can allow your clients and customers to start building a relationship with you which is so important. But having a picture of yourself on your website or Instagram doesn't need to be stuffy or posed - It's your business so it should reflect you! It can look however you want it too. Here are some tips to help your personality shine through on your next shoot...

1. Location, location, location.

Pick a location that best connects with your brand and business. You could start off by thinking about your branding colours and start selecting locations with those certain colours and textures in mind. For example, if your logo is pink, think about having a pink background.

2. Wear clothes that represent YOU!

Your clients and customers hire/buy from you, for you! So wear something that best visualises YOU. Personal style can reveal a lot about someone so don't change it, embrace it. You could even incorporate some of your banding colours in what you wear, your accessories or even your nail colour! If you don't want a full outfit change, why not bring a couple of different accessories or jackets? Just so you can mix it up! Try not to fill a suitcase with random options, be prepared and ready to go.

3. Feeling awkward? Think props!

I don't know about you but I act like a robot whenever a camera is pointed at me! A great way to relax is by having something to do or holding a prop. Think coffee cups, flowers and clothes with pockets. Trust. By having something to do, you can get those off-guard candid shots that we wish our Insta husbands would take (I know you know the ones!). You could bring your laptop, a note pad or however you usually do your thing!

4. Pin it to win it.

Still stuck? Make a board on Pinterest or start saving images on Instagram, then step back and have a look at all the pictures you've chosen. Are there any similarities? Another way to find inspiration is from your peers, who is in your industry? Have they had portrait shoots? Is there anything you like or dislike about their pictures? Every Personal Branding shoot will be different because every single of one of us have different quirks that make us who we are so don't be afraid to look into what your associates are doing.

5. Chat to your photographer!

Don't be afraid to ask your photographer questions! I help my clients create impactful shots with my Business Portrait Service. I'd love to help you nail your next Personal Branding shoot!