How To Make A Website You'll Be Proud Of.

A website is one of the best ways to sell your product or service, apps may not last forever but your website can. It’s the perfect chance for clients to get to know you and get to know what you’re offering them. But I know that it’s tough getting started. In my Newsletter I discussed why I’ll always recommend Squarespace and it’s still true. For £13 a month, I get pretty much complete freedom over how my website looks and it sounds less scary than you think! Squarespace is really user-friendly, it has a library of videos you can watch and even a 24-hour customer service helpline. But once you’ve found what you’re going to build your website on (if Wordpress or Wix is more ya thing) the next step is how you can make a website you’ll be proud of.


Keep it simple

If you’re not sure on your branding just yet, keep it simple. Simple colours, easy to read font and keep your website easy to navigate - but simple doesn’t have to mean boring! A good test is getting someone (parents or even grandparents are the best) who isn’t very technical to look at your website and see if they can get around. And make it obvious what product or service you’re trying to sell - may sound stupid to point that out but trust me, It’s not always clear! Having high-quality, engaging images is also really important which brings me onto…


Beautiful images not only help your business come to life but they can improve your SEO (want me to cover more things on SEO?). It's proven if someone has a nice picture on their website or Instagram, you are much more inclined to to interact with it. For example, hitting 'like'. I’m not saying all images on your website ‘need’ to be professional, I personally love iPhone shots! But just take extra care in which images you choose to put on your website. Choose images that flow together nicely and have a consistent style.


Your clients want to click on your website and find all the information they need easily, they don't want to be digging around! As at that point they could become disinterested and you could even lose a potential customer. So make sure the copy (the text) on your website is clear and concise. Don’t make it too wordy and split the information up into paragraphs so it’s easier to digest.

Get someone to do it for you!

Haven’t got the time? Don’t want to do it yourself? Hire someone who can do it for you! My friend Kerrie Kent is one of the best when it comes to branding, website design and digital marketing. If I do say so myself, Kerrie and I make a fab team! Kerrie can help you set-up your website, nail your branding and even help with SEO and I can help you with those Business Portraits. It’s important to have an inviting ‘About Me’ page and images that capture the service you offer/products you sell. Head over to Kerrie’s website to see her portfolio and a full-list of her services! Ya welcome!

Be patient

Or if you’ve decided to hog it out yourself, remember Rome wasn't built in a day! It takes lots of time. I didn’t know what I wanted my website to look like so it took a lot of research and fiddling around with all the features, changing fonts, adding in pages until I saw something I liked! But it’s so worth it, so hang on in there.

It's so important now more than ever to have a a nice-looking, easy-to-use and responsive website. What if Instagram disappears tomorrow? You need a fab website you can fall back on and be proud of.

If you're after creating a website or giving one you already have a face lift, I hope this has helped! ✨