How To Get The Most Out Of Your Photoshoot.

If you're thinking about hiring a photographer to improve your Instagram or your business, let me just tell you, it's less daunting than you think. I know lots of people are apprehensive at making the investment and are just unsure how to make the most out of their time with a photographer especially if you haven't got a lot of time. So I've whittled it down to 9 snappy points on things I've noticed along the way that will help you nail your upcoming shoot... 

Louise from  Louise Brown Interiors .

Choose a photographer you have a good rapport with

Aside from their photography style, you need to recognise if you actually get along with them. As we're all nervous before a shoot so you need a photographer who will put you at ease and have fun with! Or if you don't know a photographer or have never met them, meet for a coffee beforehand and just break the ice.

Wear clothes that represent your personality, your style and most importantly your brand

Particularly if you're having a portrait shoot this is a pretty important step! You need to think about how you want to be represented online but you don't need to be stuffy or corporate. People hire you or buy from you, for you! Wear something that best visualises that. 

plan your outfits! 

Come to the shoot, all ready to go. I love an outfit change but make sure it's planned. It's just a waste of precious time to be pulling random clothes out of a jam-packed suitcase. Be prepped and ready to go. 

Try not to plan too much

It's so easy to get caught up in all the little things and you can definitely tell if something has been forced. I know it's easier said than done but it's best when you don't over think things. Just be ready to have some fun! 

Send your photographer 'inspiration'

We want to see your dreams/hopes/ideas come alive and the best way we can help is if we have a visual idea of what you want! Don't be afraid to send your photographer your secret Pinterest boards or screenshotted images you like. 

Location is everything

If your clients/customers come from Tunbridge Wells, don't have a shoot up in Kensington or on a beach. Pick a location that best connects with your brand and business and plan your shoot around that. 

Feeling awkward? Think props!

Take direction from your photographer on how to pose or props are even better! Think umbrellas (if it's raining), coffee cups or flowers.

Tell your photographer what the pictures are going to be used for

Something that may seem obvious but often gets overlooked, make sure you tell your photographer what you want the pictures for and exactly how they're going to be used. Well, we are nosey and do like to know where our work will be shown but also we can then help advise when we're out shooting. Things that might be good for your website might not necessarily be what's right for a newspaper. 

Don't stop moving

To achieve those flowing, candid shots you gotta keep moving and not caring about the people around you - especially if you're out on the street or in a packed studio.  The natural, taken off-guard, even slightly blurry ones are always my favourite and are always fab for Instagram. Embrace it and just go with the flow. 

What are your best tips for getting the most out of your photoshoots? 

Images are of the gorgeous Louise Brown! Louise hired me for a two-hour Business Portrait session, in her lovely home for the launch of her brand-new website, I can't wait to see it all finished! Brb whilst I go paint my room black. 

Feeling inspired for your next shoot? I'd love to help you! My emails are always open: or if you'd prefer to talk on the phone just ask for my number and let's chat.