The Pearl Of The Adriatic: 5 Things To Do In Dubrovnik.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have so many beautiul places right on my doorstep, two hour plane journey and I could be in somewhere like Dubrovnik. There is not a view in the world like it, a sky of terracota roofs surrounding the blue of the Adriactic Sea. The hicildy-picildy side streets did it for me and all the cats, I could've easily stayed and opened up a cattery. It's easy to see why GoT chose Dubrovnik of all places to portray King's Landing. So if you're ever lucky enough to spend some time in this corner of the world, here are 5 things to do. 



This one is a must-do, no trip would be complete without a walk around the city walls. It'll cost ya around £20 to do but it will not disappoint. We went quite early-ish but I'd advise going early morning or late afternoon, there's not a lot of shade up there and there are a lot of steps. There are restaurants where you can rest, buy ice cream and water along the way but it is expensive. It took us about an hour or so to walk the entire thing and I didn't put my camera down once. 


2. drink in the buza bar

If you like a chance to jump off those cliffs and basic drinks, follow the omnious signs to the Buza Bar. By basic I mean like no cocktails here, maybe a local beer or wine but that's about it. We went primarily for the views, word of warning that it's narrow and got a few steep steps. But it's got a buzzy atmosphere. It's the perfect place to cool down and watch the brave ones plunge into the water.


3. visit fort lovrijenac

Ok, ok I admit it. I didn't even want to visit the Fort. The boyfriend had to literally drag me. Yes drag me, moaning and groaning as I climbed the steep stairs to the top but I could've snogged this face off! By far, the most amazing views. This pictures don't even touch on how beautiful it was. We took our time to explore the Fort, partly cos it was shady and yes you guessed it, more steps! We also sat in a window for a bit just taking in the views (proof via Instagram) and snapped plenty of pictures. Don't forget to keep your City Walls ticket cos you get free entry.


4. JUMP ON A cable car

Ride the cable cars right to the top of Mount Srd and see Dubrovnik from a different angle. Best yet, you can stay there for as long as you like! Go early in the morning or watch the sunset. There's also a restaurant and a gift shop up there, so you can't go hungry or bored for that matter - I could've easily spent all day up here! Yes I did risk my life for this shot and I guess it was kinda worth it... Don't show my mum...  


5. do your own game of thrones tour

Beat those long, over priced GoT tours and do ya own! We got the best sites from online and just walked around to find them but here are just a few you can find and what they're actually called... 

 The steps of the Great Sept where Cersai did her 'walk of shame' - Jesuit Staircase.

The Famous Market Scenes - St Dominic Street.

 The residence of the Spice King in Qarth - Rector's Palace.

Blackwater Bay - Pile and Fort Lovrijenac. 


If you like a quiet break with a couple of things to do but still want to lie beside the pool without the fear of missing out, Dubrovnik is your best bet. The walled city is not something I've ever seen before, there's nothing I can compare it to. I'm pretty certain that I'm not done with Croatia just yet. Split, Hvar and Montenegro (althought not in Croatia but can easily be reached from Dubrovnik) are also on my list!

Have you ever been to Dubrovnik? What would you recommend? ☀️