A Note On Body Positivity.


Whilst I was shooting at a Body Positvity talk with Mum's The Word, ya gal here met Natalie from Style Me Sunday and Megan aka @bodyposipanda! Just a normal day in the office. I can tell ya now, it's pretty damn hard to meet these ladies and not feel immediately inspired. I love how this is part of my job, as much as I adore taking pictures and creating imagery, being able to meet and listen such important people talk about issues they are so passionate about is also pretty cool. So of course I had to put together a little somethin' somethin' about what I've learnt and my thoughts on the issue. 



I bet you didn't expect to see this picture when you were scrolling through, yes this is a big group of ladies all swearing at you. Well not at you, at you. This is part of Style Me Sunday's #FridayFinger. We gave the finger to diet culture, the movement that makes us feel shame and embarassment towards our bodies, for making us believe that losing 3 stone will make us happier but guess what? We'll still be unhappy. There's always something we want to correct or change about ourselves. It's time to accept that we are enough just the way we are. As Natalie said: "your worth doesn't come in being thinner, weighing less or wearing smaller sized clothes".


I'm happy being a big-boobed-plenty-of-hip-to-go-around-small-waist-chunky-thighs-I-always-manage-to-loose-the-remote-under-my-butt-five-foot-2-kinda-gal. There I said it. We all go through stages of thinking 'omg I'm fat' and 'omg I look absolutely fabulous', I know I do. The relationship we have with our bodies is a tricky one but it's the only body we are ever gonna get so we gotta learn to love it! I've cried about my muffin top into a cookie before, promising to only drink diet tea for the rest of my days. But there's more to me than my weight and the number that appears in the labels of what I wear, also there's more to life. 

Life is too short to worry about if our thighs are jiggling or not. Worrying about my weight makes me stop living my best life and well, that sucks. Megan said something that just sums it all up: "When we start to say we'll do it when we've lost 'x' amount of pounds, we'll lose something a lot more important than weight. We lose the magical moments that life is supposed to be made of. It doesn't matter if you're mind is telling you to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds, you deserve to live now".

I've had an awful relationship with food in the past where I felt I needed to 'earn' my food and just feeling sick with guilt everytime I ate something 'naughty'. I'd purposely cover up my body, not wear bikins (this is something I still struggle with but progress is being made) and refuse to wear shorts just incase I put people off their day/food/mood/year. We're all different, some are skinny, others are chunky and as long as we're all healthy - that's all that matters. Literally that's it. Physical and mental health is everything and sadly I've been reminded of that fact a couple of times this year, I think we could just all do a little better to remember it.