For mine and Brandon's first holiday away together, we chose to visit the historical city of Luxor for a week. Our hotel was fantastic and the people couldn't have been nicer, definitely the perfect destination. 

There's so much to do in Luxor and we did a lot! You'll see us visting Karnak and Luxor Temple, our trip to The Valley Of The Kings & Queens (unfortunately no pictures allowed!), us riding on a camel, Hatshesput Temple, our swim in the Nile and we did the Colossi of Memnon too. As you can tell it was a jam-packed trip! But our highlight has to be the Hot Air Balloon over the Valley of the Kings! It was so worth getting up at 4am for.

Luxor has to be by far the hottest climate I have ever experienced, it got as high as 45 degrees in the middle of the day which was quite unbearable at times. But one of the best experiences I've had so far. The history and the people, just indescribable.  We are already planning another trip to Egypt next year.