I started this space of mine around 5 years ago where I just blogged. I talked about beauty and fashion a lot. These days it’s evolved and now is something much more! It’s a place where I share my work and now I discuss not only beauty but lifestyle topics, I document my travels and I’m beginning to share resources for other photographers and creatives as well.

Aside from being a creative freelancer - you already know that part! Here are some things you may not know about me…

I’m 23 years old.

Last year I graduated with a BA Honors Degree in Digital Photography from Ravensbourne.

I’m also a freelance Editorial Assistant and Social Media Manager for Muddy Stilettos.

I love dogs! I have French Bulldog called Harley.

I love fashion and I document a lot of what I wear mainly on my Instagram and stories.

I’ve lived in Kent my whole life.