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It must be the sudden change in the wear here in the South East because it's got me dreaming back to summer, I stumbled across these pictures and wanted to put them to good use. In August, I flew to Ibiza for two weeks in a hotel that had little to no internet. I know, shock horror, me? A blogger? Two weeks? No internet? Yup I can tell you that I bloody well missed the internet. Jokes, ok maybe I missed it slightly.
Rixo Issy Animal Print Dress (now on sale, go go go!)

I did still have access to the internet from bars and restaurants we visited but it would only be for a short period of time, where I'd upload a bunch of pictures quickly to Instagram and whatsapp my mum. I felt extremely out of touch and quite alienated, I didn't know what everyone else in the world was up to and that scared me. Then I realised, how creepy? I don't actually talk to most of the people I follow but yet I obsessively want to know what they're wearing and what they were doing with their day. Creepy indeed. I would even find myself scrolling through Instagram and Twitter automatically, even though I didn't have any Wifi so I'd just be seeing three day old tweets and Insta snaps. It became such a routine for me and it was so strange not to be connected. But after a couple of days or so, I started to enjoy just 'living in the moment'. Of course, I did get my phone out but that was mainly to take pictures cos hell you can't take a camera away from a photographer. Especially me, who has this incessant need to record everything in life. But yeah, my boyfriend's family? They're pretty cool.

It was nice just to kind of 'forget' home or pretend it wasn't there for a little while, it was nice to be somewhere new and do new things like wake up and go down for a swim in the sea which definitely isn't a part of my normal routine (I wish). It was nice just to forget any troubles or responsibilities I had at home and jump in the pool, you know? Thinking only of the present and maybe what I was going to have for dinner that evening.

It was like I was in a little holiday bubble and I never wanted it to burst! But of course, as soon as I landed at London Gatwick, the phone was straight back out. Thank goodness for 4G. Well it was nice whilst it lasted. 

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So I popped into Space NK and came out with two new lipsticks cos ya know, it happens. I've had my eye on these new Nars additions for a while and with the shades I wanted being sold out everywhere, I found myself extremely lucky when I just strolled into my local Space NK and noticed they were all in stock! Yay!
I picked up Bound and Stripped to start with, as these are my classic autumnal shades - nudes (duh, all day long) and a light berry. The formula of these are very peculair, it's like a lip-gloss-lip-cream hybird and I love it. I also think the word 'glide' is very appropiate when describing the formula, it's thin and slippy so it just glides straight on the lips. It appears glossy at first but eventually dries down into a velvet finish so again pretty apt name. They are pretty pigmented and I think they look better and ultimately last a lot longer over the top of a lip liner, I've been loving pairing these with my MAC liners. The Lip Glides also have a slight vanilla scent to them which makes me want to eat it so these don't last very long on my lips anyway. What's best about these, is that they are moisturising and very forgiving on the lips, so I can tell you already that these are going to be on my lips all damn winter. I now need to pick up every shade.

What's also great is that they look beautiful, I love the 'frosted' bottle effect with the matte lid. Very Nars especially with the all-black packaging. This little lip product has exceeded my expecations and I'm now on the lookout for Playpen and Deviant, so watch this space.

Right to left: Bound and Stripped.

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For starters, this review has been in the bag since mid-August and I've been using these products pretty much every day since! So it's better late than never, right? Zoeva is hands down, my favourite 'drugstore' brand or more affordable beauty brand, if you will. When I heard they were coming out with these contour kits, I knew I would need them straight away and yup, they're pretty fab.
The black packaging with the coppery, gold detailing still makes my heart flutter, I just wish they wouldn't get so grubby! The Zoeva Concealer Spectrum Palette* was a life-saver over the summer months, I went on holiday for two weeks so this was a life saver! I could dip and dab into all the different colours to create my perfect concealer shade. These are super pigmented and medium to full in coverage so they can hide a multitude of sins. The packaging is really light and slim so perfect for travelling, I don't need to take any other concealer with me as I know everything I need is in that one palette! The variety of shades available is perfect for me, there's a white shade, a yellow shade for brightening and a salmon shade for correcting alongside the other light beige shades to choose from as well. But I find for darker skin tones there's a lack of choice with only those two bottom shades, CCO80 and CCO90 which are fab for cream contouring for me but it just isn't a good enough range I think to please everyone. Nevertheless, the formula is super creamy and they blend out really nicely.

I will say, come winter time I'll be packing this away as the formula is a little drying on the skin and my skin is damn fussy in the colder months and I can just see this creasing up all over the place already! I am super strict when it comes to products when my skin is at it's dryest and I don't think this is going to cut it. But I will be tucking it away in my palette drawer with a heavy heart as It'll just have to wait for summer to come out again.

Now for something I'm truly dying to share with you! Zoeva's powders are some of the best I have ever tried. So creamy, so pigmented, so beautiful on the skin. I knew in my heart of hearts that I was going to love this and yup, I am obsessed. The Zoeva Contour Spectrum Paletteis sooo beautiful! It contains four shades, two with velvety finishes and two matte, in that same slim and light packaging that I live for. It's perfect. I don't like contour kits that have lots of shades as I never use them all and it's just a huge waste. I use every single shade out of this palette, I use one as an all-over setting powder, one to set and highlight under my eyes, another for carving out my cheekbones and nose and the last one to warm up my skin. So if you're looking for a non-fussy contour kit that has everything you need in it, I would suggest picking this up!

Aaah another hit from Zoeva! Have you tried these products yet? 

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Aaaaaah these shoes. I spotted these babies on a trip to Bluewater with my mum earlier on in the week, I waltzed around Topshop and found these just calling my name. I didn't think I was going to dip into the velvet trend much this season but these shoes have changed my wardrobe game. I absolutely adore statement pieces that can refresh a piece you've clung onto for years or adding a twist to a classic black dress like I am wearing here.
Autumn is here and Christmas is looming, so I wanted some comfortable but beautiful shoes that I could last all night in! My first outing with these was a trip to London for an engagement party, so I put these fully to the test. I received so many compliments which was really lovely as I know not everyone is going to love these but they were comfortable, the perfect height for me and I managed to come away with minimal damage. I've got a graze on one of my ankles where it was rubbing but that's to be expected with new shoes, right? So I did swap into my flip-flops for the way home. But I'm sure after a few more wears these will soften right up. These are the JOJO Multi Buckle Shoes from Topshop in 'grey' but they are much more of a blue/teal shade, perfect for this time of year. I've got a couple more parties to attend to so I'm so excited I now have these!

The dress I'm wearing was featured in my last post my A/W Transitional Style Haul just showing you the pieces I've been wearing recently across my Instagram, so check that out for the link. What do you think of my new velvet beauties? 

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Over these past couple of months, I've been doing a little shopping to ease me into this Autumnal transitional period. Whilst we're here, I want to say, this is going to look like one big Zara ad and I promise you it isn't, I wish they paid me because I absolutely adore their stuff but sadly in this instance, they haven't. It's all just me and my own money on this one. So, if you want to see what I bought, just keep on scrolling!


This is how I've styled some of the pieces in this haul. You would've seen these snaps already, if you follow me on Instagram, where I post my daily outfits on my Instagram and Instagram story! Follow me here, if you haven't already. What are your favourite transitional pieces this season? 

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Sorry! Couldn't resist the punny, cringe-worthy title. But let's be serious here, I have an obsession with gold jewellery. I can't stop looking at it and I can't stop buying it. So, I thought I'd show you some of my favourite pieces! There's a mix of affordable pieces and pieces that are a little bit more of an investment, but it's all worth it. Trust me.
Rachel Jackson London is one of my favourite jewellery brands at the minute. I adore her designs - especially the geometric and pineapple styles, so cute! Recently, I picked up the Hexagon Gold Outline RingI love its unusual, geometric style and it hasn't left my middle finger since. I also picked up the Long Pineapple Pendant. I love, love, love long necklaces, I think they can immediately put an outfit together and there's something quirkier about them than your ordinary lengthed chains.

Next up is a necklace I cannot take credit for, Suzie from Hello October made me buy it! It was £10 from ASOS, so how could you not? The Mini Shape Multirow Choker Necklace is absolutely beautiful. Of course, the gold plate won't last forever but I can see myself buying this again as it is so affordable. I love the little moon pendants and it's fine chain, I think it looks a lot more expensive then it actually is!

I was walking through Topshop when I spotted this necklace and it was only £8! This Star & Lightning Bolt Pendant Necklace immediately caught my eye, I am obsessed with stars especially at this time of year. I have to have star patterns on everything! There's something so festive about them and I think the little lightning bolt, that's layered on this necklace is super cute as well.

Recently, I've been preferring gold jewellery over my classic silver! These pieces are just some of my favourites. What are your favourite jewellery pieces? 
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This mini-mascara-spending-spree was sparked off by Lydia Millen when she appeared on Snapchat with these huge, long eyelashes and said that the L'Oreal Million So Couture and the L'Oreal False Lash Sculpt mascara (applied in that order), was her winning combination. So like every other gal that saw that Snapchat, I ran into Boots to buy just that. For me, the combo was a little too clumpy for my liking! I know. Controversial opinion coming up.
I'm sorry! I've just got to stick by my forever faithful Maybelline Lash Sensational and with the L'Oreal False Lash Sculpt applied over the top, oooooh yes! The Maybelline one is really good for separating and lengthening, I love the curved shape of the wand as it makes life so much easier! It coats every lash and I won't ever stop repurchasing this one. I also really like the L'Oreal one, not one I've used before but as it adds so much drama. The long, thin wand coats your lashes root to tip so it's easy to go over board, too much and things can get clumpy. But, it adds immense volume and really thickens your lashes. Together, they are a little dream team!

Plastic-y applicators aside....Mascara is one thing in my make-up bag that I don't really splash out on, the drugstore do amazing mascaras and since I stumbled across this little duo, there is no going back for me. What are you favourite mascaras?

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So you're going to Ibiza and want to take some amazing snaps for your Instagram? I gots you covered. If you didn't already know, I've just got back from an amazing two week trip to Ibiza! I can hear the groans and almost envision the eye rolls already, it was a family holiday whilst we did hit up a few bars, we did not touch a nightclub and Ibiza was actually a whole lot nicer than I anticipated. We stayed in the sleepy town of Cala Nova in Es Canar, it was beautiful, quiet and near to everything we wanted to do. I have compiled a little list of three 'must dos' if you ever find yourself on the island.


Ibiza Old Town is definitely one to visit, It's so easy to get to as there's a number of bus and boat routes you can take from where ever you are on the Island. For us, in Cala Nova, it was only a 40-minute bus journey. Just stumbling around and exploring, there's so much to see! There's plenty of lovely shops such as Mango and Stradivarius, beautiful boutiques and market stalls to collect souvenirs as well. We walked right up to the Ibiza Cathedral where you can go inside and take pictures; you can also see some lovely views from up there as well!

My boyfriend and I went alone one evening, as we wanted to see the town alive at night. There's so many restaurants to choose from, all facing the port. We decided to grab some tapas which surprisingly wasn't too expensive and really yummy! We then stayed for the sunset and shopped til late (also grabbed a huge fro-yo for the way home).


As you're in Ibiza Old Town, it's worth stopping by at Vivi's Creamery which belongs to Vivian Rosberg. If you love pastel shades, copper accessories and yummy ice cream - you'd love it! The ice cream is so creamy, the flavours are pretty scrummy and there's free wifi? Do I need to say anymore?


Side note - technically it's not in Ibiza, it's a completely separate island but I mean whilst you're in Ibiza you may as well?! 

Formentera actually stole my heart! This place is beyond words. We booked a trip to the little island and it took us 2 hours to travel there with a mixture of coach, boat and some more coach to get where we wanted to be. We stopped at the capital first, San Francisco, which is a quaint and adorable town with an amazing blue and white theme throughout with little boutiques and restaurants. Highly, highly recommend visiting.

Next up, of course, Formentera's famous beaches! I'm not sure what one we visited but as soon as I saw some water, I just wanted to jump in. The water was unbelievably clear and all turquoise, it was nice to cool off as the island was much more humid than Ibiza. Formentera's also famous for these little blue and green lizards which can only be found on the island, I managed to take a quick snap of one which you will soon see. 
I'm sure there's plenty more amazing things to do on the Island than my picks! Have you ever been to Ibiza? Please comment your recommendations below.

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I feel like I say this often, a little too often. I, as a blogger suck, well compared to other bloggers who work all day and night on their blogs, the ones who post daily and churn out limitless creative content. I suppose I shouldn't compare myself and success should be measured by how happy I am and all that but, I can't help but feel like I'm doing a hideous job in comparison. I've noticed that I'm not as 'into' blogging this past year as I have been before but recently, I've been excited to blog which isn't something I've felt for a while. 

I feel more inspired, I like my Instagram again - but with all these new bloody updates, I can't imagine this feeling lasting much longer. I also feel more confident speaking about my blog, before I was petrified of people reading my blog, knowing about it and speaking to me in public about it. Now, I don't care. I like my blog - there I said it. Is it perfect? No. Is it the best? No. Do I make heaps of money from my blog? No. I do it for me (and you) and that's all that counts.

I will say, I want to have more confidence speaking on camera. I applaud those of you who love to chat away on Snapchat and on Youtube, what are your tips? I know some of you have never heard my voice and I'd like to talk! But oh jees, my life really is not that interesting, neither is my voice for that matter.

In my aimless ramblings, I guess I'm trying to say is that I'm trying to stage a comeback. I will learn how to put my blog first again and be the best blogger I possibly can. Fingers crossed. Don't hold me to it though.

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