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I love me a liquid lipstick and I love me a bit of NYX. Hearing that they are now available in Boots stores makes me super duper happy! Where I live they haven't come in yet but I cannot wait for the day they do. But I can still shop online and I picked up the two new NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks in the shades Teddy and Beauty Mark. These shades are completely out of my comfort zone as they're colours I don't tend to go for but I love these! and NYX are killing it with their lip ranges.

If you're looking for a good liquid lipstick and you're on a budget, I'd suggest picking these up! I absolutely adore the shade range, they have loads of gorgeous nudes and browns which are so popular right now. The ones I've picked up, I've worn on loads of night outs where I've been drinking (lol) so they've been put to the ultimate test! I can happily say that these last so nicely. They don't crack or flake off which is just amazing as It's hard to find a liquid lip that doesn't do that. I also don't find these that drying either but make sure to always exfoliate and condition your lips before applying anyway!

I do find the wand is quite big, it's bigger than the Kylie Lip Kit's if you've tried those! But it's nicely tapered on the end so you can still fit along the edges of your lips nicely. I will say as it's quite a thick formula, one layer tends to do the trick! But it does take around 5-10 minutes to fully settle down and dry as it can still feel a bit wet and sticky when you first apply it. If you want to see a picture of me wearing Teddy on my lips click this link here, to go to my Instagram.

Have you tried these before? I always absolutely adore the Soft Matte Lip Cream range too! 

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I love these little contour products but not because they're in rose gold packaging (ok maybe) but because they're just fab and I thought it was about time I told you about them. I've been contouring using a mix of cream and powders this way for a while, I just love using a cream because it looks so natural but the powder helps to set the cream to keep it there all day. So let's get on with the products!

I'm sure everyone was just as excited as me when Rosie Huntington-Whiteley released her makeup range with Autograph because let's face it, she's bluddy gorgeous. The one and only thing I picked up from her line was the Starstruck Contour stick and what came as a surprise to me was how dark it was! It's not so much a contouring stick but more of a bronzing stick, it is a deep colour and more on the orange side of things which is why I don't necessarily 'contour' with this. Warning if you are pale use this sparingly! Or better, don't use it at all. But, when I'm tanned this is a beautiful shade and it really brings warmth to my skin making me look sunkissed and chiselled. I love how easily this glides into the skin and how beautifully it blends out. I mainly use it across my cheeks and forehead to bring some colour back into my skin. I will say that it does set very quickly, so you do have to keep going back in and out to apply, blend, apply, blend so I'd say it's better to do one part of your face at a time.

Another little something from Zoeva (surprise, surprise) is the Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette and the contouring shade in this palette which is called 'Heavy Crown' is spot on. It's much more of a cool, ashy shade which suits me when I'm pale and when I'm looking for a bit of definition when I'm tanned. This has become my go-to contour shade because the colour is fab and it creates a really natural, shadow on your cheekbone to make them look believably sharper than they are. Plus the highlight and blush in this palette is pretty great too.

What are your contouring staples?
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When I saw that Kiehl's had 20% off in Fenwicks, I rushed to my local store and splurged... a whole lot... I've been lusting over Kiehl's for quite some time but could never take the plunge to pick up a few products. So with a little 20% off it nudged me to try a few things! You've probably already heard so much about these products I'm about to tell you about but oh well.

I did indeed pick up three things and I've been using these three over a month now so I'm ready to come at you with my thoughts and opinions! I picked up the Kiehl's Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment  because if it's good enough for Kylie Jenner then it's good enough for me and actually, it's bluddy brilliant. It's texture really surprised me, it's something I have never come across in an eye cream before. It is super thick, like crazy thick and you only need a teensy bit to cover your under eyes so I can imagine this lasting me ages. 

On the subject of eyes, I next got the Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector which really stood out to me! My dark circles are the worst so I needed something to correct them asap plus it contains an SPF of 30 so I snapped it up. With high hopes, I wasn't that impressed with this. It's not as hydrating as I thought it was going to be considering it's an eye cream, it's actually quite drying on the under eyes. I do, however, like to mix it up with a bit of the Creamy Eye Treatment first just to get some moisture back in. 

Saving the best til last, the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturiser and I know tons of people have the cream version of this which I was super close to getting but after swatching them in store, I settled for the moisturiser version. Just because it was so much lighter, it dried in quicker plus it comes with an option of SPF 30 which I got. I love this stuff! I'm so glad I got the full-size version too because I'd be lost without this. I've been on the hunt of finding a good moisturiser for years and I mean years, I gave up for a bit just living on the oils and serums but I have finally find a moisturiser that works for me. 

I hope you enjoyed my little Kiehl's haul/review! What do I need to try next? 

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I just need to pinch myself. This huge albeit beautiful box arrives at my house and inside is a another lovely new in product from Zoeva! They're smashing it with their new arrivals. Meet Zoeva's new Graphic Eye Pencils, these gorgeous things are ready for you to purchase so don't you worry. These came out, I believe, March 21st so after of nearly a month holding on to these bad boys, I'm ready to share my thoughts on these.
Here I have 16 shades, yup that's a whole lot of eyeliners, I don't think I'll need to purchase any more for quite a while! I love these because not only of the impeccable shade range to suit every personality but how versatile they are. I don't just use these for lining my eyes but to create an eye base, they are waterproof so they last a heck of a long time on the lids! So, it makes whatever you pop on top just as long wearing. I glide it all over my lid and get my finger or a fluffy brush to just blend out the edges then going in with other shadows to complete the look. The formula is so creamy and these are so pigmented so it makes them super easy to work with. There is a mix of mattes, shimmers and glitters which are all so gorgeous! The shimmers are my favourite because I love the subtle sheen they leave on the lids. But when they dry, these really cling on so you do need to work fast and with precision. So, all that being said! Meet the collection: 

They look so beautiful! Pick up the box yourself for £65. Have you tried Zoeva's Graphic Eye Range yet? 

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We all love going away but sometimes it can be downright expensive. Last year, I visited Hurghada, Amsterdam and Paris all whilst having a part-time job and being a student. Saving up isn't easy especially when you're addicted to makeup and clothes like moi! I've been asked a few questions about where and how I book so I thought I'd show you how I travel without compromises. I've put together a few bullet points which I hope help, so you can still have an amazing holiday without spending a whole lot of money.

- Shop Around. 

When booking for city breaks, I normally check websites such as and Expedia. I've booked lots of trips on those particular websites before so I trust them and I know how they work. I always book the flights and hotel altogether, you can normally grab some really good deals. There's a huge range of flights and hotels to look at as well so you can find something perfect for you and for a cheap price. For summer holidays, I stick to Thomson or First Choice. I've travelled with them for years, I know sometimes it can be pricey but with the following points I'm about to come onto you can save money. 

- Don't Go During Peak Times. 

One of the pluses of going to University is the month's holiday you get off after every term. So we usually manage to dodge travelling during peak times such as school half terms and normal school holidays where the prices get pushed way up. If you can avoid travelling at these times, you'll automatically save money.

- Don't Eat Around The Major Tourist Sites. 

Basically don't get lunch around The Eiffel Tower and expect to pay £15 for it. Go down the back streets and eat away from these main areas so they won't be so expensive. 

- Walk Everywhere! 

In Paris, we literally walked 13 miles a day but nothing a warm bath and a pain au chocolat can't fix. Obviously, Paris is huge so we got the Metro where we needed too but insisted on walking most places so we could really experience the city. The Metro is cheap as chips anyway but in most cities it's not, so save on travel and get walking. In Amsterdam, we never even stepped foot on a tram! Amsterdam was so easy to get around and make sure you download City Mapper so you don't get lost. 

- Bring Food With You.

Now don't diss it but yes bring food with you! When we went to Paris and Amsterdam we didn't pay extra to get breakfast so we brought our own! Some mornings we did go out for breakfast if we fancied a fry up or pancakes but most of the time, we had breakfast on the go and just munched on a cereal bar we had packed in our suitcase. 

- Getting Money Back.

I've always had mixed emotions about websites like these, do they actually work? But yes they do. Whilst my boyfriend and I were in the process of booking our holiday to Hurghada last year, we joined up to TopCashBack and received £80 back after a couple of months which is better than nothing! We still saved money on our holiday so we were happy with that and split it between us.

I'm planning my next city break away as we speak! Stuck between Rome and Barcelona. Where are you off to next? 
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So, a few months ago I decided enough was enough and I took myself off the contraceptive pill. Whilst the pill was great in many ways like dealing with spots and acne, coming off it gave me a wake-up call and the kind of one that took over my whole face. I've had dry skin for as long as I can remember but now coming off the pill, my face actually produces oil! It has made my dry skin a little bit more manageable but lots of unwanted blemishes have now pitched their tents all over my face. 

These couple of products have helped me immensely and I constantly use these in my daily routines! Some of these products are quite drying so make sure you have a thick moisturiser to nourish your skin afterwards. 

After cleansing, I like to start with the Pixi Glow Tonic* to exfoliate! It contains glycolic acid that works to gently exfoliate revealing radiant, fresh skin. I can see why this is such a cult favourite! It works wonders on my dry, dull skin. I also love how it can diminish signs of sun damage, fine lines and scarring. It's oil-free and alcohol-free so fab for every skin type! It's much more gentle on the skin than normal face exfoliators with those little beads in because it's easy to over exfoliate and scratch your skin. This always makes my skin feel so fresh afterwards and helps any scarring I may have from blemishes. 

Next up are these two favourites of mine from La Roche Posay, I usually begin with the Effaclar Duo(+) which is an anti-mark, anti-blemish cream. It helps to correct the appearance of blemishes, unclog pores, refine skin texture and controls appearance of shine - phew! I just work a little bit in my skin covering any areas I need it and I use it once a day either morning or evening. Another one from LRP is the Serozinc Spray and let me just say, they do the best sprays! It spritzes out the perfect amount and you can hold it down continuously so you can just drown yourself in it. It's so refreshing and soothing on my skin which helps any red, angry blemishes. It also helps to mattify the skin, prevent excess oils, tighten pores and helps spots begin the healing process. I know I have mentioned these two products plenty of times before but they are just really great! 

Lastly is one powerful product and something you should definitely use sparingly as this stuff is pretty intense! If nothing else is working for you and your spots are getting you down, I'd recommend to try this as a last resort but please do your research before purchasing. Also, steer clear if you have sensitive skin and I'd recommend plenty of moisturiser and a high SPF if you go into the sun after application. This is something I picked up when I was in New York a couple of years ago as I don't even think you can just pick this stuff up here in the UK as I'm pretty sure you need a prescription. But it's the Benzoyl Peroxide Maximum Strength Gel which I got from Walgreen's. I squeeze out just a teeny bit and dot it onto any blemish I have that's been bothering me. This stuff whilst powerful, works. It has amazing antibacterial properties that work really deeply right into the pores and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Just a couple of warnings, wash your hands afterwards, make sure you're very careful when coming into contact with clothes or any materials as it'll bleach and leave marks! (trust) and use plenty of moisturiser. 

Oh spots, I wish they would just get up and leave. What are you favourite products for when your skin sucks? 

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Aren't ASOS hauls your favourite? Cos they're mine and I love finding out what people have bought. So this is the second part of my little haul series, the first was my Cult Beauty Unboxing which went down a treat so I hope you like this one too! So you may have noticed a theme going on here... Plenty of stripes and plenty of monochrome with some navy blue thrown in there as I was feeling dangerous. But I'm just going to get straight into it... 
I was meant to order these a couple of weeks ago but they were out of stock! After patiently waiting, they're finally mine!! I'm talking about the Quay Australia My Girl Mirror Cat Eye Marble Frame Sunglasses (phew what a long name) now I know everyone owns this particular pair but they're so gorgeous. These are my first pair of Quay sunglasses and I think I need them all now! They're comfortable and they make for a great statement piece. 

Next up are two tees, that I have been wearing non-stop recently! First things first, is this beautiful C'est Moi Top (it's now only £9.50, GO GO GO) which I saw Alex from I Covet Thee mention so I had to add it to my basket. It's got a lovely oversized, relaxed shape which looks great with some jeans and some trainers - a combo I basically live in. Now, I have been obsessed with Monki recently, they have some great pieces which are super affordable so I would recommend giving them a little look. This Monki Stripe T-Shirt is a fab basic, nothing too crazy just your regular tee. I have so many stripey things in my wardrobe and I have a feeling it's not going to end until I own it all. 
Soooo, I got two of the same dresses in two different colours but I love them! The white and black one is the Monki Stripe Ribbed Dress and originally, I bought it in a medium and it was huge! It was like a giant sack so I got the small instead and I think it looks great. It has a relaxed fit with a flattering length just coming down to my thigh. I also think it'll look great in this transitional period so I can wear it bare-legged with sandals or tights with trainers. The navy and white again from Monki, the Stripe Oversized T-Shirt Dress. I can confirm that yes, it is extremely oversized so be wary about what size you choose as you may want to size down. If you'd like to see it on me, follow the link to my Instagram here. It is mega comfortable and floaty, so you can eat all the food and get away with it! Priorities right?

Thank you for being patient! So sorry, it's taken me yonks to post but I have been sorting my blog out as you can see, I have a fancy new theme (aaaah) and I've been working hard on my photography to bring you guys the absolute best. What have you bought from ASOS recently? 

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So I was just scrolling through Cult Beauty, mainly looking for a new undereye corrector and oops... Two more things ended up in my basket too. As you know the end of the month is here, so I thought I could tempt you all into getting spendy and I'm putting together a little haul series. This post being beauty and the next one is gonna be all things clothes and accessories from ASOS.
Aside from a little haul, I'm going to let you know my first impressions as I've been playing around with these products for over a week now! First things first, starting with the product that triggered this little haul. I needed a new corrector and whilst I did love the Bobbi Brown Corrector that everyone and their cat raves about but I wanted to try something else. I mean it didn't last me very long at all, it's the smallest pot with only 1.4g of product plus it's £19. So after fishing about online and reading various reviews, I picked up the Becca Under Eye Corrector which has a lot more product and only £2 more! Also, unlike the one from Bobbi Brown, there isn't a whole selection of shades just this one salmon/pink shade which is perfect for me and my blue under eyes. This is pretty great, a little does go quite the way, it's creamy but not too creamy that it creases under your eyes. It blends out so beautifully and does an amazing, amazing job at correcting my super dark under eyes. Thumbs up from me.

When it comes to brow products, I tend to not shake up my routine too much but recently I just couldn't find the right colour for my brows! Shades were just too 'orange' looking and just no right. I decided to put up the Anastasia Beverly Hill Brow Powder Duo in Taupe and it's perfect, it's the perfect shade for me and the powders are fab, we all know Anastasia is the queen of brows. I love the lighter shade that comes with it which I believe is Ash Blonde, I love filling in the front bit of my brows with this shade to gradually blend it into the taupe colour for a more natural finish. I will be picking up this shade in the Dipbrow Pomade for the summer! 

I guess this is the moment we've all been waiting for. Nope, I didn't need a new highlighter but I caved. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit is everything and more I wished for. I already own a highlighter from Anastasia and it's by far my favourite highlighter of all time, it's taken over my love for MAC's Soft & Gentle and that is quite the statement. So I knew these were gonna be the bomb. I picked up it in 'That Glow' as I was imagining me with a tan on holiday with a gorgeous gold highlight. But some fake tan is just going to suffice for now, my favourite shades to blend together are Sun Burst and Bubbly. They look so beautiful and somewhat natural on the skin, not too glittery that you look like a disco ball but they give off such a lovely sheen. These are pretty pigmented as well so don't go into too heavy handed! I use a fan brush which helps to diffuse things a bit and it's easier to build it up this way I think too. If you can get hold of this, I think you should definitely pick it up.  

That's the end of my little unboxed Cult Beauty order! Keep checking back here to see my ASOS Haul which is coming next... 
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