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You may know seeing as I won't shut up about it, but I am flying to Ibiza on Thursday! I am going for two whole weeks and I am so excited for the endless cocktails and paella. I decided to round-up a few products I will be taking with me on my travels perfect for the warm weather and of course, I made sure they are the perfect size for cramming into your suitcase. 
Let's kick things off with SPF, Nivea is my favourite brand for sun cream! I've been trying the Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture Roll-On in a 50+* recently as the weather here in the UK hasn't been too shabby. I love to use a high factor on my face and in any other sensitive areas (cough my cleavage cough) and I love the roll-on aspect! It's so easy, roll on, rub in and done. It's very fluid in consistency so while it comes out as a white lotion, it's very easy to blend in and it's undetectable on the skin once blended. So I will be for sure taking this on my holiday with me.

Next up a cleanser I have been using for the past couple of weeks! I'm not normally a foaming cleanser kinda gal but this makes your skin feel so refreshed and soft. I've been using the Gallinee La Culture Foaming Facial Cleanser* and at only 120ml it's the perfect size for my suitcase. It contains 98% natural ingredients, the formula is soap-free and very gentle so perfect for sensitive/sun-exposed skin. This is definitely a summer cleanser for me, perfect for my upcoming holiday.

Sticking to skincare, the Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial* is the perfect mask for lazy people, ie. me. This is an instant pick-me-up for my skin, it immediately brightens and makes my skin look awake. It's packed with Vitamin C so perfect for dull skin as it really does give your skin some glow. After cleansing, I just work this in, leave it for a minute or two (sometimes 5) and then I rinse it off with a warm flannel. My skin instantly looks more fresh and hydrated. Big thumbs up, thanks M&S for sending this to me!

Now I am a huge fan of the LRP Effaclar Duo, it is my favourite anti-mark, anti-blemish solution. So when the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Unifiant* came out, I knew I'd love it! It's exactly the same as the Effaclar Duo but it now has coverage. This has been my go-to when I want a sheer and matte base. It sits pretty well on my dry skin and gives me a lovely matte finish without making me look too flat. It's not the most hydrating formula, so I don't think I'll be able to get away with this in the winter time but in the summer, when I am oilier it's a lovely, natural base option. I use this either all over the skin as like a skin tint or just as a concealer to hide any blemishes, I do love a bit of skincare and makeup in one.

You can't go on holiday without the biggest bronzer you own! For me, it's the Nars Tahiti Laguna Bronzer which is amazing for your face and body (it also comes with a mini Nars Ita Brush too, winning). Laguna is one of my favourite shades for bronzing, ever! So when a huge pan of it was readily available, I swooped it up. I will say this stuff smells pretty damn strong, I can't make my mind up what of but if you are sensitive to strong scented products, you may want to steer clear. The bronzer contains a teeny amount of shimmer in it which is hardly noticeable on the skin but I think it'll look gorgeous on holiday across the high points of my face and decolletage for an extra glow.

When I come home, I will be topping up my tan with the Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Booster. It's my favourite facial tanner but recently I've really been enjoying applying this everywhere on my body! Well, it's not really fake tan but it is. It's a concentrate that you mix in with your moisturiser, so you can make your own fake tan, the more drops you add, the darker you will be. I just mix in two to three drops in with my moisturiser and just blend it all in! It gives such a lovely, natural glow to the body and it's so easy to use! No stinking of biscuits or looking like a crazy woman for hours until you wash it off, no staining and no crocodile skin. I am so close to finishing the bottle, I will be definitely be repurchasing.

What are your summer skin essentials? 
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I'm aware that I may be pretty late to the party with my Kylie Cosmetics review, but I wanted to share my opinion nevertheless. I've owned Dolce K and Exposed for quite a while now, but are they actually worth it? I'm sure you're up to speed with all the drama surrounding Kylie and her customer service, so I'm not going to really touch on that but I will mention my honest thoughts and feelings.

Ok let's begin with the ordering process, we all know how hard it is to get your hands on anything! You find it, you're filling out all your details in a rush and bam, it's all out of stock. It took me a couple of weeks before I managed to snatch up Dolce K, I got a confirmation email promptly and it came in like two-three weeks and I had no customs charge. I remember being so completely and utterly beside myself, the beautiful iconic black box with the beautiful packaging, I loved every bit of unboxing it. So far, so pretty damn good. I had the exact same experience when ordering Exposed a couple of weeks later as well, thank god I didn't experience what so many other customers had experienced. 

Dolce K is a beautiful brown, nude shade and Exposed is an orange, nude shade. I absolutely adore the shades, these are hands down my favourite shades out of my whole lipstick collection - however, I did notice some flaws within the packaging very quickly. Point one, the liquid lipstick doesn't have a stopper inside it of so the product can leak out and get all over the place so I have to store these upright so this doesn't happen. Point two, the lipliner lid doesn't even fit the lipliner! It just slides straight off which is so annoying and I am constantly, constantly losing that stupid lid. Now I have just popped an old MAC Lipliner lid on it - which actually fits.

Now onto the products themselves, these are the most drying formulas I have ever come across throughout my liquid lipstick experience. After a couple of hours, my lips have been sucked dry of any moisture it once possessed and you can really start to feel the product on your lips. If your lips are already dry and aren't prepped properly, they can give you that gorgeous crocodile lip effect where it's all nice and settled into the lines on your lips. So make sure your lips are exfoliated and conditioned before you apply! Trust me on that one. Aside from that, they last really well, they don't fade, they dry down really quickly and they don't crumble off my lips after a long period of time. I just apply it once in the morning and I am good for the rest of the day.

The lipliners though these are the bomb, they are so creamy and they beautifully glide on the lips. The liners make for an amazing base for the liquid lipsticks to go over top! I also use these with all my other lipsticks in my collection and sometimes I'll just wear the liners on my lips alone, they are just heavenly. I wouldn't wear the liquid lipsticks on my lips all day because after a while then can get very dry and start to feel uncomfortable on the lips. I usually wear these if I'm going out evening or daytime, if it's just for a couple of hours so I know I can come home and remove it if need be.

All in all, I love these! The lipliners and the shade ranges are my favourite aspects. Kylie please sort out your packaging and then it would be gravy. I know these won't be for everyone and I do wish these were much more hydrating but I do have a few more shades on my wishlist! So I will probably be ordering more soon. If you are still sceptical or worried about the drying side, the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are so hydrating and are much kinder to the lips, start there first.

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Last month, I decided to treat myself to some new goodies from CT! I mean who wasn't hyped by the new Hot Lips collection? Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite luxury beauty brands, her products are absolutely fabulous and I can't get enough of the rose gold packaging.
Let's start off with what triggered this mini haul, I was watching Wayne Goss and he basically told me that I needed the Legendary Brows Brow Gel in my life. So I picked it up in the shade, Linda and I am obsessed. It makes my brows look immediately thicker and keeps them in place all day, when I'm feeling lazy I just comb this through my brows and I'm good for the day. I will say that the packaging is a bit misleading, I thought the product would be in the longer side but it's not, that's the brush end so I feel like it's quite cheeky but nevertheless, it's an amazing product just wish they gave you more of it!

It's rude to just place an order for one item, right? Moving onto my favourite new nude lipstick, Kim KW! If you wanna see a picture of me wearing it, head over to my Instagram and see it here. It's a pale pink shade, the palest out of the entire collection! It is considerably lighter than my natural lip colour but they are naturally quite dark so I just grab my foundation brush and just pat whatever's left over onto my lips before applying this so you can really see the beautiful shade that it is. It's incredibly creamy and very comfortable to wear, if you have dry lips you will love this. It glides over my lips like a dream and it's very pigmented so one swipe normally does it.

I could stare at Charlotte Tilbury's products all day, they are just so pretty! What do I need to pick up from CT next? 

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I've been studying Photography for a few years now and whilst being on a Digitally lead course, there's nothing better than a polaroid, just the instant thrill of printing off your pictures and displaying them. Whilst I've always struggled to master the knack of film cameras, wasting tonnes of rolls of film in the process, I've stuck to 'faking' it. Cheerz offers a lovely opportunity, to be able to print off your pictures in the Polaroid style, allowing you to add text and even a filter to make it look like the real thing!
I apologise in advance because this post is long over due, I went to Rome about 3 months ago now and I've had these gorgeous polaroids just lying around my room. As you may have been able to tell from my Instagram, I took a whole bunch of photos on my trip and when Cheerz got in touch with me about their new Polaroid 3000 product, I jumped at the chance! So, I got 18 of my favourite snaps from our trip printed off and I forgot, simply, just how lovely it is to hold physical memories in your hand. I'm really impressed with the quality of the images, I can't wait to display these! My plan is to arrange them in Hanging Photo Frame around my room which will hopefully look really lovely.

I love my little polaroids! Hopefully, there will be many more trips (and polaroids) to come. Do you like printing off your pictures? 

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Let's be honest, we all avoid cleaning our brushes because it is the biggest chore ever. Your arm aches, your hand is sore with all the soap and constant scrubbing and it takes bloody ages. But my friends, I have a solution maybe one that won't help with the arm ache but one that will cut your brush washing time in half! Also, it'll help giving your brushes a deeper clean to make sure they go back looking brand new. So what is this mysterious product you ask?
Of course, I'm talking about the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette. When this product first came out, I marched straight into Boots to pick it up, Sam and Nic Chapman are killing it with their Real Techniques Brush ranges and when this baby came out promising to clean my brushes 55% better than the palm of my hand, I was sold. I love how you can just swirl your brushes around the multi-textured surface that just sweeps the makeup away and gets all the impurities out. The palette is a fab size, so you can wash a few brushes at the same time which saves me heaps of time. I like to use this in conjunction with a bit of Johnson's Baby Shampoo or at the minute, I've been obsessed with using the Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash, it's gentle and it smells absolutely amazing! I love using these two together to make sure my brushes are back in pristine condition.

How do you wash your brushes? I also switched up my photography from my usual style in this one, I like to experiment so I hope you don't mind. 

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If you don't like the bardot style, I would suggest to stop reading and turn away right now but if you love it, I think you're going to like this one. I am going on holiday in a few weeks time to Ibiza and I needed some more summery bits to pack in my suitcase. So I hit up H&M and ordered these five beautiful pieces which are all under £25!
Let's begin with tops, shall we? The first one I'm going to talk about is the Cold Shoulder Blouse which is the most expensive piece of this haul, at £24.99! I have already worn this on a night out, you may have seen me wear this on my Snapchat (molliermanning) and I got so many compliments so thank you! This top is so adorable, I love the ruffle detailing around the front and back. It's very feminine and looks fab with jeans, shorts or skirts when it's warm. The next one is called the Off-The-Shoulder Blouse which is nicely elasticated so it's not too tight or too loose, it just sits perfectly. This one is cropped so perfect to wear with a high waisted denim skirt with some sandals. I absolutely love the pattern on this as well, I also picked it up in dress form which you will see soon!
Yes I know what you're thinking, these are practically the same and they are. The Cotton off-the-Shoulder Dress was only £7.49 in the sale and it's by far, my favourite out of the two - what can I say? I'm a sucker for pom poms. This fits beautifully, it's very flattering with the elasticated waist that really pulls you in and it's not too short either, this stops just above my knee which I love. The next one is called the Off-The-Shoulder Dress (very imaginative with their names) I sadly returned this as I liked the other one sooo much better and I just thought it was silly having two so similar but I thought I'd show you anyway. Again, it's the bardot style with the little flap - sadly, no pom pom detailing though. It has the elasticated waist and stripes which I'm obsessed with but this one just doesn't do it for me.
Finally, the beautiful green and white pattern is back again! But on this beautiful Off-The-Shoulder Dress, I can't wait to wear this on holiday with some pretty sandals. I love how girly it is with the floaty sleeves and the slight rara effect on the bottom of the dress. I love that the straps are adjustable as I hate having to sew them up tighter. As you can tell, I love the cold shoulder/bardot style that is so popular at the minute.

I hope you enjoyed this little haul! Which one was your favourite?


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As of late, I have been trying so hard to up my hair game! I'm incredibly lazy with my hair, there the secret is out, I'm not exaggerating. If you see me with brushed hair, you, my friend must be special. But being unnaturally blonde is a full-time job, I know you feel my pain! Especially now, my hair is the longest it's been since primary school so I've been needing to take a few extra steps to make sure it stays healthy and happy. 
I had the pleasure of trying some haircare products from Ogario London! A brand I had never heard of before but after some research, I was really interested to give them a try. What really attracted me was the unique blends of essentials oils and plant extracts they feature in their products - for example, Avacado and Marshmallow. It sounds completely random but these are some amazing ingredients for your hair which you don't see a lot of on the market. What's also great is how all the products are completely natural and aren't tested on animals.

So now onto the products themselves, you may have seen me try the Ogario Restore & Shine Hair Masquefor the first time over on my snapchat (molliermanning) where I gave a little demo and my general first impressions. It's aim is to repair dry and damaged hair to make it more manageable, stronger and shiny! As bleach is not my hair's bestfriend (well who's bestfriend is it really?) this masque has been an amazing treat at repairing my long tresses so I don't have to get a trim so often meaning my hair has managed to grow down past my boobs! After I wash my hair, I give it a quick towel dry and slap a good amount of this onto my ends. I really work it all in and spent a minute or so just massaging it in. I like to leave it in for 10 minutes as recommended then I just rinse it off! Easy, peasy. Instantly my hair is so soft and silky. It doesn't weigh my hair down, as I have quite flat hair so volume is everything and this doesn't affect that.

As part of my routine, I have been washing my hair with the Ogario Hydrate & Shine Shampoo* with Honey and Moringa Seed. The Hydrate & Shine range targets dry and colour-treated hair, perfect for my little situation. I noticed since using this that it doesn't lather up a whole lot which is fab so it doesn't strip your scalp and hair of all its natural oils. I have loved using this on my hair recently, it makes my hair feel so nourished and soft. This literally comes out golden brown like honey with the bits of seed in it as well! It's the strangest thing. It smells lovely too, really natural and sweet.

Using these two has really helped me get my hair back on track! Have you tried Ogario before? Their products are available on their website and also in Fenwicks, if you're interested in picking up some bits for yourself. 

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This being my second pot of this stuff, I have come to the conclusion that this is my favourite cleanser to date. I even think it's better than my Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel which I know, I can already hear you gasping in horror but it's true! The Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm is just love at first use. 
This cleansing balm is one of the best I've tried for my dry and dehydrated skin, it's so soft that it melts into an oil when warmed up which my skin just loves. I use this mostly in the mornings as a cleansing, hydrating mask. It just melts away any stubborn makeup that's still clinging on and I like to leave it for a couple of minutes before washing it all off so it can really work into the skin. Then using a flannel and some warm water, I wash it all away and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturised.

It's packed full of lovely ingredients from Grape Seed Oil and Vitamin E to help soften the skin and to minimise the appearance of open pores. I struggle with my pores particularly on my cheeks where they are quite large, this cleanser really helps to disguise them and I've noticed a huge difference in my pore size and appearance since using this. When I don't use this cleanser for a while, I can definitely tell as no other cleanser works as well as this one does for my skin. The Jasmine and Rose ingredients help to recondition any dry and dehydrated patches on the skin especially as I like to leave it on for a few extra minutes, my dry patches are immediately hydrated and it helps my makeup to apply and look so much smoother. 

I've tried other cleansing balms which are such a faff to use but this one is immediately soft to touch and you don't need to break your fingers in order to get any out of the pot. It smells incredible and the packaging, well no other cleanser I've used looks as nice as this one. Well considering its £38 you wanna hope that it's pretty amazing and I can assure you that's it worth everything. 

Have you tried the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm? What is your all time favourite cleanser?

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